To everyone at Dailey Funerals who attended to my dear friend Florence’s (Flo) service today 4th May at Stockton. I want to take this opportunity to say how I was touched by your caring and compassionate nature to us. Flo was truly blessed to be in your care and I do appreciate everything you did. These feelings come from my heart. Could you pass onto Dennis my heartfelt thanks for the way he conducted the service. Bless You All
Adrienne C
Dear Craig & Cath I would like to express to you both a HUGE thanks and appreciation from not only myself but members of the staff at ……………….. Nursing Home. Staff have commented to me since John’s funeral on Tuesday how well the service was conducted and how fitting you made it for John, staff felt that John would not have wanted a fuss, but would have been comfortable with what you provided. A special thank you from me, I feel that you both were very professional and went beyond the call of duty. Like nurses it takes a special kind of person to do a job that is a necessity in every day life (or death). I have had to deal with funeral companies in my private life as well as within my job, the both of you made a lasting impression with me and I hope to have the pleasure of working with you both again. Once again THANK YOU
Karen B, Welfare Co-ordinator, Nursing Home
To Cathy Bob & Craig Thank you all once again for your beautiful friendship to me during difficult times. Love and hugs to you all.
Anne F
Dear Craig & Cath Thank you so much for making the experience of my husbands funeral so peaceful and stress free for my family and I Your kindness and warmth will not be forgotten. Catherine thank you for preparing ………… for his journey and for the beautiful way you presented his coffin. God bless you.
Sonia and Family
The Staff at Dailey Funerals We wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your efforts in conducting the recent funeral of Sally and Zac. Your thoughtfulness and compassion at a really difficult time has helped the families enormously in many ways. We felt that you treated us like members of your own family at times, going beyond what was expected to organise so much that helped everyone. In particular, we thank you for the effort that went into preparing for the viewing. We were really touched and very grateful for the opportunity to say our goodbyes, with Sally and Zac looking so beautiful, the way we want to remember them. So many people who attended the funeral have said how moving it was. how we believe it was due to the care and attention you paid to expressing the families wishes through your organisation. This will also be appreciated by Dennis when he is well enough to deal with Sally and Zac’s passing. Please accept out heartfelt thanks for all you have done for the Sullivan, Alderman and Beddall Families Yours Sincerely,
To Cath Thank you for all your help, looking after Michael. Your poem is so beautiful. I shall keep it always. I really couldn’t think of anyone else I would have wanted to dress my boy. Our heart felt thanks and God Bless you. Best Wishes
Olga & Fred H
To all concerned at Dailey Funerals Thank you all so much for your most lovable & courteous ways At this most sad time. Thank you all
From Rita T.... Family
Dear Cath I just wanted to send you a small keepsake just to sincerely thank you for going beyond all expectations regarding Dads funeral service. You have not only been professional but you gave us friendship as well and I truly value it. Every part of Dad’s ceremony was befitting to him as it would have been what he would have wanted so I was deeply grateful. I was really touched when you came up to scolding me for making you cry_ it was then I realised every word of my sincerity came through for Dad from my heart in my eulogy. As I was reading my eulogy my eyes were so blurred that I couldn’t see everyone clearly and for some reason I couldn’t hear a sound either I must have either I must have locked myself Into my own little world blocking out everything . Thankfully afterwards I have been told that Dads ceremony was one of the most touching and meaningful services they’ve attended so I am proud to know that which is all I hoped for because I loved my. Dad so much and now I am content I am still crying and deeply hurting inside as I knew I loved Dad but I never realised just how much. Thank you Cath from the bottom of my heart. Love
” Thank you for a beautiful service today (20/3/2015) for our beautiful Nanna, Nanna would of been proud. Many tears and stories shared among family and friends. Belinda”