When arranging a funeral, you will have the option of whether to purchase a coffin or a casket for the deceased. The decision of whether to have a coffin or casket is one of personal preference, and /or cost.

A coffin is more traditionally shaped with a tapered head, shoulder and foot end. It might be made of any of a variety of materials, such as custom wood, timber veneer, composite materials or solid timber.

A casket is rectangular in shape and generally is hinged on one side. The lid is lined and is much larger than a coffin.

Dailey Family Funerals have access to a very large range of coffins and caskets. Dailey Family Funerals can arrange to customise whatever you select during the arrangement. A small selection or shown further down this page.

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Eco Friendly Coffins and Caskets

Coming soon wool

Particle Board Coffin with “Rope Handles”

New to our range with no metal or plastic components (except for the nameplate). and real rope design handles. Currently made from particle board. Can also be decorated / painted to your requirements

Traditional Range

Flat Lid Deluxe Teak (other colours available)

Single Raised Lid in Rosewood or Walnut

Goldline Rosewood

Devon Casket

Grecian Casket

This is a small selection of the many hundreds of coffins available within Australia. The coffins and caskets above are some of the most popular and of standard design available. Contact us for a more complete range.

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